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Note: Closing Protection Letter Fee is $25.00
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GFE #4 Title Services and Lender's Title Insurance: $0.00
GFE #5 Owner's Title Insurance: $0.00
GFE #7 Government Recording Charges: $0.00
GFE #8 Transfer Taxes: $0.00 Borrower / $0.00 Seller

The above charges are not a comprehensive list of charges that may be applicable to this transaction but an estimate for GFE preparations. Please contact our office for any services not provided above.

In addition, if this transaction involves using a Power of Attorney as signatory for any party, involves one or more trusts, bankruptcy, divorce, docketed judgments or filed state or federal tax liens, or for new construction transactions requiring mechanic lien coverage in Arkansas there will be several additional requirements and there may be additional charges applicable. Call Beach Abstract & Guaranty Company for a breakdown based on specific circumstances.

$0.00 Total of All Title Charges on this Transaction: